Belly Buttons & Babies ™

Belly Buttons & Babies ™ was founded in 2008, is composed of a Canadian mother Fran Loudas founded baby skin care brand, we are committed to the development of mother and baby natural and organic skin care products to the unique formula guardian mothers from pregnancy to the end, more intimate care for children from birth to the baby’s delicate skin.

As a mother at the same time, Fran Loudas is also an internationally recognized professional aroma therapist, aromatherapy and beauty expert, consultant and herbal skin care drug treatment experts, with 18 years of experience Fran’s Loudas of aromatherapy, Belly Buttons & Babies ™ has been created since received numerous awards, received international recognition, called the beauty industry authority.

Belly Buttons & Babies ™ from inception to the present award-winning, all products have won international The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics organization rating of zero harmful ingredients care brand, Belly Buttons & Babies ™ In addition to the post-North American parents testing and certification of PTPA Award and give Canada the hospital and obstetrician recommended, but get famous Canadian home Journal “EcoParent” recognized edited visible Belly Buttons & Babies ™ products in addition welcomed by everyone outside, each family is absolutely true natural baby care brand.

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