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In recent years, the overstressed education environment and social atmosphere making most education institutions focus mainly on academic results. Such phenomenon restricts children from achieving a holistic development in aspects of learning, socializing, emotion-controls, and fitness and so on. Not to mention that some children are stressed out, which causes negative impacts on their sleeping quality, nutrition absorption and even emotions…

In view of this, Momentum 360 Kids Development Centre abandons single training programmes widely adopted by the markets. With reference of multiple studies of children physical and mental developments conducted by respective universities (appendix 1), our signature 360 All-Round Development Course is designed to achieve the balance between physical and mental developments.
With diversified themes such as sports, games, adventures, music and calming, this course will strengthen children’s physical ability as well as their confidence, which eventually enhance their social skills and ability to cope with stress.

In addition, Momentum 360 Kids Development Centre organizes regular seminars and invites professionals to share experiences and tips with fellow parents in fostering a healthy and all-round development of their children. Through exercise and games, children will learn and grow up in a joyful environment. Parents will also learn to explore the inner world of children and take care of them attentively. With concerted efforts, maintaining a good parent-child relationship is no longer a dream! A harmonious family awaits you.


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